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The Kansas Department of Transportation is the state level administration responsible for the construction and maintenance of our public roads, highways, and bridges, as well as managing many other local transportation agencies. Some of the divisons under the DOT include the Right of Way, Civil Rights, Maintenance, Road Design, and Research bureaus.



Facts and Statistics

1. Vehicles travel approximately 81,916,438 miles on Kansas roads every day.

2. There are 140,653 miles of roads in Kansas, of which 127,675 are in rural areas, with the remaining 12,978 in urban areas.

3. There are 2,599,568 registered vehicles in Kansas which is equal to about one vehicle for every 1.1 residents.

4. Kansas’ public highways make up only 7.4% of the total miles of roadway. The other 92.6% are municipal and county roadways, along with the Kansas Turnpike, with makes up about 0.2% of the total.






This and more information can be found at KDOT’s website www.ksdot.org

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