Agricultural Engineer

people who are interested in studying agricultural engineering will benefit from taking high school courses in mathematics, such as algebra, trigonometry, and calculus; and science, such as biology, chemistry, and physics. An Entry-level job in agricultural engineering usually requires a bachelor’s degree.

Mechanical Engineer

A career in Mechanical engineering typically requires a bachelors degree. A person who wants to go to graduate school to be a Mechanical Engineer usually are required to do a research project in a certain field that is centered around what they want to do when they get out of school.

Electrical Engineer

An electrical engineer requires someone to have a bachelors degree in a entry level job. Bachelor degree coursework typically includes digital systems design, electrical circuit theory and differential equations.

Civil Engineer

To become a civil engineer you first have to obtain a bachelors degree and that is typically a 4 year process. The degree has to come from a school that is accredited by ABET.

Chemical Engineer

To become a Chemical Engineer you first have to get a Bachelors degree.Chemical Engineering programs should be accredited by ABET. ABET-accredited programs in chemical engineering include courses in chemistry, physics, and biology. These programs also include applying the sciences to the design, analysis, and control of chemical, physical, and biological processes.

Computer Engineer

A computer engineer is required to go to school for a bachelors degree which is typically 4 years can be longer sometimes depends how long you decide to go to school.Engineering programs should be accredited by ABET.

Environmental Engineer

To become a environmental engineer someone is first required to go to school to obtain a bachelors degree. Many engineering programs are accredited by ABET. Some employers prefer to hire people that have graduated from an accredited program. A degree from an ABET-accredited program is usually required to become a licensed professional engineer.

Industrial Engineer

Industrial Engineers are required to obtain a bachelors degree which is typically 4 years at an accredited school that is accredited by ABET.

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