K Dot

Visiting K-Dot was literally the best trip for me. Just to see how much it takes to build or renew a street takes so much work. I love it really and it really looks like a great place to work. I think if I were to really go into engineering I would come back close […]

Kc enigeering

my trip to UM-KC was great i got to learn a lot of new and exciting thing. Me and my group learn about robots and how they work. A robot is kind of like a car they a battery, engine, and a lot of wires. We got to test sum of the robots out. With […]

TWA Field trip

During the TTMASA program we went to second field trip called TWA, which is a airplane. We learn different kind of how airplane produce and react it. Plane are so useful for passenger to travel, also in a faster way. The moment in the TWA, we were sitting on a place to watch a short […]

20 years later….

Now that I have grabbed your attention, I shall cast a spell on you and take over your whole life; this is my sinister plan muhahaha. Okay now that i got that out of my system lets get serious, so we went on this field and now I’m supposed to write about it. That seems […]

In 20 Years I Will Be Set!

So where am I going to be in twenty years, I honestly don’t know to be completely honest. So I can’t say this is exactly what my happen just because I may change my mind but there are somethings that have always stuck with me. Then their is the famous saying that our generation always […]